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Please don't suspend your customer's orders with no explanation

Please avoid these folks, and save yourself the headache! We paid for a full migration, but shortly after the migration was started, it was suspended without any explanation. I contacted customer support (multiple times by chat and phone call) but they informed me it couldn't be looked into until the following day since all their technicians had left even though it was around 1-2 pm EST.

The following day I called them again and was told the same thing--it would be checked into the following day. At this point, I had become suspicious they may be a fraudulent company since we had paid, but our migration was “suspended” and we hadn’t received any details as to why. I told the support agent we would dispute the charge on our credit card if they didn’t get it fixed.

After calling them multiple times, I was able to reach a customer service agent who discovered one of their technicians mistakenly marked our migration as a duplication. This was only after repeatedly contacting them via phone, email and chat.

The next day, migration data magically appeared in our new store (try mentioning you’ll dispute the credit card charge if you’re having trouble with them). But the results were full of errors. When I contacted customer service asking them to fix the mistakes, they replied that since it was past 72 hours since our order was begun, they were not responsible for the errors. Of course they had flagged our order as a duplication, which stopped the migration process and took us past 72 hours.

What Cart2Cart gave us was a migration full of errors. Their customer service people were nice to speak with but full of promises that problems would be “looked into tomorrow”. If this is a legitimate business, they need to clean up their act and be upfront with their customers. They promise a migration in a few minutes. Ours was a multi-day disaster.

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  • Oct 10 2016
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